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Bev Borton, BS, CPC, EL-MP

Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Energy Leadership – Master Practitioner
Education Specialist
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified Feng Shui Consultant & Educator


Clients say…

“Bev has a truly unique set of skills and experience that enable her to see the truth behind every situation. Her intuition, creativity and listening skills are of great benefit to her clients.” Christine T.

“Bev is a great listener. She is able to take what you are saying and lead you to insights you may not have seen before. She has a very calming presence about her.” Barbara D.

Point of View

Bev is passionate about possibilities. She is optimistic in the face of uncertainty. And here’s why…

As a devoted student of human nature, she is interested in human energy of all kinds-mental, emotional, physiological, and spiritual. She has learned that incredible potential lies within thoughts and perceptions. She maintains that small shifts in our perceptions open us up to a world of possibilities we didn’t know existed. Discovering inventive solutions for life to go more smoothly is a result of being able to see things from different perspectives. Unleashing our natural, creative human energy makes more room for success.

Bev’s great joy is in uplifting others to their true greatness. She helps people move past the confines of what they mistakenly perceive as their limits. She loves participating in breakthroughs!


Bev’s life’s work focuses on releasing the greatest potential for the fullest expression of life.

Years of work as an educator with special needs teens and their families centered around tapping into a person’s strengths and elevating them to their true abilities. Working with families, she is effective at bringing challenging relationships and home environments to calmer balance.

As a professional coach, Bev’s compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach assists her clients in gaining an increase in self-awareness, comfort, confidence, and the capacity to more easily handle the challenges life brings. She has a natural ability to help others through emotional tangles and confusion. Her high level of intuition serves to accelerate progress.

Bev is a Reiki Master in both the Usui and Karuna methods, offering effective stress-reducing and relaxation techniques that aid healing on all levels.

As an educator and practitioner in Feng Shui (Black Hat School) , Bev creates supportive environments in the workplace and at home.

Bev is an artist who is currently “eating her own cooking” by working through her self-imposed creative blocks with delight and anticipation.

In her own words…

As long as I can remember, I have been in awe of life’s potential, especially in regard to human imagination and the creations it can bring forth. This has motivated me to surmount many fears throughout the years.

I overcame painful shyness, becoming a public speaker and presenter. I successfully moved beyond a “phone phobia” and now do much of my coaching by phone. The introversion I once defined as a liability, I now value as a gift for processing information and helping others. When I came to understand my specific learning style, I realized I was smarter than I thought and relating to others became easier. Even a previous fear of being underwater has given way to the enjoyment of snorkeling. Because of these transformations, I know the value of being willing to grow.

More importantly, I now hold a core belief that growth and change can occur without suffering or discomfort. An open mind, and the willingness to look at what we are believing, can create a new, happier life. As a coach, I help others reach an easier and more fulfilling path. And just like my first magical, underwater view of the fish and sea life on the reef, it is an honor and a pleasure to celebrate with my clients as new possibilities open for them, with more room for truly living!